As a retailer we may collect and maintain a database of our loyal customers so we can better serve them and tune our operations to those who come to us for our services.

We may collect the email address and/or mobile phone number of loyal customers so we can send out regular newsletters and SMS or (Whats)App customers about new activities and specials. This will always be opt-in, of course.

We may collect the birth date of our loyal customers so we may treat them special on their birthday.

The WordPress platform uses cookies to track page visits, your origin and what you click on. This data is available to us anonymously.

Protect your privacy

If you don’t want this data to be collected, please install an ad blocker on your devices or use a privacy-aware web browser such as Firefox.

We can recommend either “adblock” or ” ad nauseum”. Search Google on how to install and use these tools.

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