We are a new type of coffee lounge and coffee roaster in the Caribbean.

Opening March 2018 in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten!



No Pressure Coffee has made it its mission to

  • bring specialty coffee to the island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin
  • teach about the difference between normal and specialty coffee
  • teach and train locals in the art of brewing coffee, foaming milk and making latte art
  • potentially certify staff according to the standards of the SCA, Specialty Coffee Association
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SCA Member 2018


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Hand Grinder

I was surprised with a package from the Netherlands that someone forwarded for me. It contained the hand grinder I had ordered a while ago but was delivered after friends had already flown back to Sint Maarten. Now I can take my Hario V60 or Aeropress anywhere and also grind whole beans on demand. This …

Cooperation with Market Garden supermarket

I’m proud to announce that I’ve closed a cooperation with Market Garden supermarket in Simpson Bay. I am providing consulting services to them on their new coffee shop inside the supermarket, the Market CafĂ©. Calibration of the espresso machine, which grinders, grinder settings, milk, coffee recipes and some training of the other baristas. Soft opening …