No Pressure Coffee is no longer associated with the Market Garden supermarket nor Double Dutch Café, in Simpson Bay.

If you’re interested in advice on how you can dramatically improve your own espresso and cappuccino, contact me and let show you how to make the best coffee, espresso and cappuccino on St Maarten.



No Pressure Coffee has made it its mission to

  • make the best cup of coffee on St Maarten
  • bring specialty coffee to the island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin
  • introduce the concept of “Third Wave Coffee” on the island
  • teach about the difference between normal and specialty or “third wave” coffee
  • teach and train locals in the art of brewing coffee, foaming milk and making latte art
  • potentially certify staff according to the standards of the SCA, Specialty Coffee Association
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SCA Member 2018


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Double Dutch Café enriches Market Garden supermarket

Daily Herald of Sint Maarten features a new article that explores the supermarket Market Garden in Simpson Bay. The store management has created a whole range of healthy ready to eat products around the Double Dutch Café where Christian Peper from No Pressure Coffee is Head Barista. The cafe provides a low threshold factor to …