I’ve been seduced by the smell of coffee from as early on as 7 years old. I always wanted a taste of the spoon my parents used. I used to snack on the old coffee beans in my mother’s kitchen and as teenager, I was awakened by the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen despite sleeping 2 floors higher!

I can make a great cup of coffee for everyone, even people who don’t normally drink or don’t even like coffee!

Christian Peper
Coffee straight from the Hario V60

Coffee in the morning is an important ritual to me every day, I can hardly think without having coffee let alone function or work! I used to make simple filter coffee much like everyone but since having trained to be a barista, I prefer more precise brewing methods that are manual and more consistent than commercial off the shelves coffee makers. I take my Aeropress everywhere because it requires just boiling water and a hand grinder to get freshly ground coffee from whole beans. The grinder also lets me adjust fineness to match the age or origin of the beans.

pour over coffee equipment
Pour over coffee equipment

Before relocating to the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten in 2017 for 2 years, I completed a lot of barista courses at the Koffieschool in Utrecht – an SCA certified training center founded by Joost Leopold. I had planned on opening my own coffee lounge on St Maarten but plans and circumstances changed and now I’m back in the Nertherlands.


No Pressure Coffee has made it its mission to

  • become one of the best baristas in the Netherlands by 2022
  • specialize in single origin specialty coffees
  • match each coffee with the most suitable brew method and temperature for serving
  • teach others about the difference between normal and specialty (or “third wave”) coffee
  • teach others in the art and science of brewing coffee, foaming milk and making latte art
sca logo 2019
SCA member 2019
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